Mindfulness Therapy


What is Mindfulness Therapy?

Mindfulness therapy is a clinical approach that helps clients feel more calm and present. Clients in mindfulness therapy learn breathing and other meditative techniques to help them live in the present moment. The origin of mindfulness therapy is Buddhism. Buddhists developed mindfulness and meditation to help free people from the trap of human suffering. According to Buddhist philosophy people tend towards a state of misery, either yearning for things we don’t have or fearing the loss of things we possess. Through the process of meditation we learn to observe our breath and release our attachment to thoughts and feelings. This process helps us be present, calm and content. Mindfulness Therapy is a very effective and powerful method for helping people with anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and a history of trauma. It helps people regulate their emotions.

How do you use it in Practice?

In therapy I teach people a variety of meditation techniques depending on their specifics goals and needs. For homework, clients practice these methods. After developing proficiency and sometimes and sometimes mastery of these practices many clients feel immediate relief from their anxiety, depression and even interpersonal struggles.

If you would like relief from anxiety and mood swings and would like to have a more calm and effective experience friends, call me to learn more about mindfulness therapy and how it can help the way your feel, think and act.