Men's Group

2 Mondays per month: 7:15-9:30 PM


Men's Group is a supportive environment for you to speak your truth and be understood by other men who can relate to your struggles and goals. In group you can clarify your thoughts and feelings, learn to face life's challenges effectively, and receive support and accountability to find harmony and get results in every important realm of your life.  I welcome you to join us and allow yourself  to be the man you want to be. 


Creative Arts Therapy Group

2 Wednesdays  per month: 7:15-9:30 PM


Creative Arts Therapy Group is where group therapy meets drama, movement, vocal expression, drawing, collage, creative writing, somatic exploration, mindfulness, and even the ancient transformational art of Ho'oponopono.  It can be lots of fun, and can take us to deep emotional places.  We explore and heal emotional issues, trauma, as well as old patterns of thought and behavior.  The purpose of the group is to help participants integrate, develop, and navigate life gracefully in a world that can be intense, painful, and unpredictable.


Business Growth Group

2 Wednesdays per month: 9:00 to 11:00AM


Business Growth Group   Is an effective tool helping business owners acquire more clients, and increase revenue. Participants set and meet sales goals  in two ways:  In the first, called Transformational Coaching  you will learn to  identify your self limiting beliefs and replace them with stories that promote success.  The positive impact of this process on revenue is often staggering. The second method, is derived from C.J. Hayden's impactful work: Get Clients Now. It is a simple approach which helps you follow a consistent marketing for 28 days to "Get Clients Now."