Dino Paris MA  LMFT has helped athletes, artists,  and entrepenurs achieve peak performance for over a decade.  In his clinical practice, he has helped patients release themselves from the devastating impact of  anxiety and trauma for over 20 years as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist.  

Dino employs the most effective, evidence based methods as well as esoteric practices he has learned through study with spiritual masters and international, indigenous healers.  Dino Paris describes himself as an empiricist, meaning:  his  goal is simply to be effective.  The empiricist's basic rule:  "If a method works, continue."

These methods help clients find their natural flow, "in the zone," feeling great satisfaction and outstanding  performance in sports, creativity and business. Experiencing higher and higher achievement while enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

His private practice is located in John’s Landing, Portland.